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127 Canton Fair will be held online

The 127th China import and export fair (Canton fair) will be held online from June 15-24th, In order to further develop the overseas market, company takes the Canton fair as the window of publicity and exhibition to domestic and foreign customers, which is well received by customers.

As per professional baby stroller products supplier, we always take product quality as the basis and provide customers with assured products. We care baby's healths, let you rest assured. Relying on the Canton fair global trade platform, it is bound to get a better market.

At this unprecedented time, we need your participation more than ever. Let us join hands to create more business opportunities! Looking forward to cooperating with you.

During the exhibition, we provide 7*24 hours online service. Please visit yimon.com website for more information.


Market sales dept.
18th, May. 2020

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