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Zotrain from Wuhan departure

With a whistle, loaded with electronic components, beverage, food, electronic products and other goods X8406/5 train Jan 4th from Wuhan Wujiashan station, will exit from Manchuria, bound for Hamburg in Germany, this is the 2018 Wuhan open the first zotrain.

According to the China Wuhan Railway Bureau Group Co. Ltd. of China EU trains and key tasks, the station to strengthen transport organization, coordination, train station, freight and shunting safety technical management personnel to cooperate with each other, the scientific and rational development of shunting operation plan, overcome the rain and snow weather difficult and complex working environment, to ensure that the central trains running on time in time.

It is reported that in 2017, China Europe class (Wuhan) commute and commute 375 rows, and 2018 plans to start and trip 500 columns, up 33.3%. With the help of a special refrigeration container, Hubei Qianjiang crayfish, Liangzi Lake fresh Chinese vegetable production and will continue to take the zotrain to Europe, rich European people's table.

Wuhan sinoeuro international responsible person said, in 2018 the zotrain (Wuhan) will continue to further promote the international channel construction, timely organization open to Ukraine, Turkey, Iran and other Eastern and Western Asia train service will radiate to Eastern Europe, southern Europe and the Mediterranean countries. Zotrain (Wuhan) will also expand the service industry chain, to actively apply for the postman, timely development zotrain (Wuhan) express mail transport operations, the construction of Wuhan fifth international channels for the development of cross-border E-commerce in Wuhan.

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